Overall, fats try natural molecules composed of two parts: glycerin and you will essential fatty acids

Overall, fats try natural molecules composed of two parts: glycerin and you will essential fatty acids

As soon as we consume pounds, the latest digestive system holidays the new bonds between the efas and you may the fresh glycerin, so these parts is actually engrossed towards the blood independently.

Efas could be the a lot more nutritionally very important an element of the weight molecule, and are generally the ones that influence the brand new toxins differences between different varieties of molecules.

The greater amount of hydrogen atoms a greasy acid has actually, the greater “saturated” it is, in addition to large their melting temperature would-be

Fatty acids are made up away from a lengthy chain regarding carbon dioxide atoms (5, ten or 18 atoms long, or even expanded), with that acidic class (-COOH). This group ‘s they are titled acids.

For many who look closely at particular petroleum and you will fats including organic olive oil, soybean petroleum, or freak oils, and you can compare these with someone else, such margarine, butter, poultry lbs and you will meat pounds (this new white posts found in and you will up to pieces from meats), the absolute most well-known change you will find is that additional oil and you will fats enjoys more claims from number during the room temperature. Particular oil and fats are liquid at room temperature, plus whenever stored in the newest ice box, such as olive oil and soybean oil. They end up being smooth solids within room-temperature, and you can melt if you are preparing.

What can cause which difference in melting heat? The solution are: Mostly how over loaded the new chemical securities throughout the fat molecule was inside the hydrogen atoms.

Another illustrations describe as to the reasons. In the 1st illustration, 7 molecules of totally saturated fat contain simply unmarried covalent bonds within carbon atoms (depicted while the sides of your own zigzag range), and each carbon dioxide will a few hydrogen atoms, neither at which was shown about example. Lire la suite