Sally are attracting anything to the light board

Sally are attracting anything to the light board

Harry starts running on the party

Harry: Exactly how could you be?

Harry initiate powering into party

Sally: Fine!

Harry initiate running on the team

Harry: How’s Joe?

Harry begins powering to your group

Sally: Great. (Pauses) I listen to they are fine.

Harry starts powering towards people

Harry: You’re not which have Joe any more?

Harry initiate running into the cluster

Sally: We simply broke up.

Harry initiate running to the group

Harry: Oh, I’m sorry, which is too bad.

Harry begins powering for the party

Sally: Yah. well, you understand. yah. (Enough time pause) Very, what about your?

Harry initiate running to your class

Harry: I’m fine.

Harry initiate powering to your party

Sally: How’s marriage?

Harry begins powering with the team

Harry: Not too a great. We. I am bringing a divorce proceedings.

Harry initiate running with the cluster

Sally: Oh, sorry. Oh I’m very disappointed.

Harry begins running to the team

Harry: Yeah, well, what’re your gonna perform. Lire la suite